Amanda Jackson ~ Head Coach

Amanda, a former Markham swimmer, is a Level III Coach.  Amanda swam for the Markham Synchro Club from 1988-1996.  While at University she was Head Coach of the Guelph Synchro Club.  She rejoined our coaching staff in the 1999-2000 season and has been with the club since.


Heather Beveridge ~ Competitive Program

Heather started her synchro career as an athlete with the Hamilton Synchro Club, and swam for nine years, at both the Provincial and  the National level.  She has coached for Brant Synchro and in university was Head Coach of the Thunder Bay Sychro Club.  Heather swam at the Masters level for 5 seasons winning Nationals with her solo and a gold medal at the Pan-American Masters Games with her team in 2013. Heather joined our coaching staff in the 2007-2008 season.


Candelaria Abascal-Vedoya ~ Competitive Program

Candelaria swam competitively with York Synchro for 5 years at both the provincial and National levels. She is a certified Level 1 coach and is currently working on completing her Level 1 Judge certification. Candi coached novice and recreational groups at York for 2 years before she moved to Markham Synchro to coach the competitive program n the 2014-2015 season.


Monique Payne ~ Competitive Program

Monique started her synchro career when she was 5 years-old and has competed at both the provincial and national levels. She was very successful as a swimmer winning the first ever gold at Espoir in the 12 and under age group. She was also selected to swim on both the 10 and under and 11-12 Provincial teams. Her dedication comtinued even in the summer months when she would attend training camps in Florida where she also won an international competition.


Briar Alderdice ~ Competitive Program

Briar started her synchro career with Markham Synchro when she was 7 years old at the recreational level, and continued to swim for 5 years at the provincial stream. Briar coached for 2 years at the novice stream, and this year she began to coach at the competitive level.


Alystra Riddle ~ Novice Recreational Program

Alystra started her synchro career with Markham Synchro in the novice program. She then progressed to swim in the competitive program. She has been coaching since the 2014-2015 season.

Recreational Coaches

Jaeden Walz
Jamie MacLennan