Start your synchronize swimming experience

The Markham Synchro Club, founded in the 1970's is recognized as one of the top synchronized swimming clubs in Ontario. Our quality Recreational and Competitive programs are delivered by a highly qualified and professional coaching staff.


Tryout # 1 Wednesday,
September 6
Cornell Pool All Swimmers:
Tryout # 2 Thursday,
September 7
Centennial Pool
(not Pan-Am Markham)
5-7pm: 10U & 11-12 swimmers
6-8pm: 13-15 & 16-20 swimmers
Tryout # 3 Saturday,
September 9
Centennial Pool 4:30-8:30pm:
11-12, 13-15 & 16-20 swimmers
Please note there will be a non-refundable try out fee of $100 for Provincial Swimmers, payable by cheque to Markham Synchro Club at time of tryout registration.

Please attend all tryouts listed for your swimmers age

Please note that the coaching staff may ask athlete to attend tryout dates/times outside of those for their age group if necessary


Wednesday, September 13th at Cornell Pool, 7-9pm

  • The Recreation program is intended to give participants an introduction to the sport of synchronized swimming. We have combined some of the essential skills with Synchro Ontario's new Swim Synchro program.
    Swimmers in our recreational program will learn a variety of synchro basics and work on a short routine. On the last day of classes swimmers will be tested for their Swim Synchro badge and will perform their routine.

    Find out more about our programs on this page.
  • "Mini Competitive Program" is a special introduction to competitive level and is for swimmers 8 and under years of age who are interested in synchronized swimming. The program will run all year and will allow young swimmers the chance to learn new skills, improve their swimming ability, learn a routine, and may compete at regional competitions (with other younger swimmers) and will participate in the club watershow.

    Find out more about our programs on this page.
  • The novice program is a beginner competitive program which is an introduction to synchronized swimming for swimmers who are 8-12 years of age.
    This program will teach the athletes essential synchro skills and they will work together to build a team routine. These athletes may compete at regional competitions (with other younger swimmers) and will participate in the club watershow.

    Athletes will attend up to 3 competitions: Novice skills testing, Novice Regionals competition & Novice Championships competition.

    Find out more about our programs on this page.

  • Our provincial competitive program runs from September to June. Practice schedules vary based level from 6-14hours a week (2-3 times per week).
    Athletes will complete a variety of training programs including land, water, flexibility, mental, aerobics and other areas deemed necessary by the coaches.
    Sessions will be run throughout the year on nutrition, strength training, mental training, etc., with professionals within their fields.
    Swimmers will participate in a number of competitive events, demonstrations and water shows throughout the season.

    Find out more about our programs on this page.
Some of our provincial solo and duet athletes attended the 22nd Annual Waterloo Invitational Meet on January 28, 2017. This is the first opportunity for swimmers to show off their routines in competition and receive feedback from judges.  

Markham Synchro is very proud of the following swimmers that attended: 

11-12 Solo: 
Dayna Seppanen,  7th

13-15 Duet:  
Alexandria Teng & Emily Xu, 8th

13-15 Solo:  
Maia DeKort, 5th

16-20 Solo:
Viviana Santa, 6th 
Regan Smith, 8th

Congratulations, what a great start to the synchro season!