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2017 Burlington Novice Competition

Written by Amanda Jackson.

Our novice and mini teams recently attended the Burlington Recreational Extravaganza. The girls  participated in figures and some teams also did the routine competition.

For the athletes on our two novice teams, this was a chance to compete the full figures. For our mini group, this was the very first competition for the girls!

The routine meet was the first time most of our girls participated in a routine event. The girls had a lot of fun showing their routine to their friends and family, and we are all very proud of the effort they have put into preparing for this competition.

2017 Waterloo Invitational

Written by Amanda Jackson.

Some of our provincial solo and duet athletes attended the 22nd Annual Waterloo Invitational Meet on January 28, 2017. This is the first opportunity for swimmers to show off their routines in competition and receive feedback from judges.  

Markham Synchro is very proud of the following swimmers that attended: 

11-12 Solo: 
Dayna Seppanen,  7th

13-15 Duet:  
Alexandria Teng & Emily Xu, 8th

13-15 Solo:  
Maia DeKort, 5th

16-20 Solo:
Viviana Santa, 6th 
Regan Smith, 8th

Congratulations, what a great start to the synchro season!

2016 Ontario Open Age Group Synchronized Swimming Championship - Ottawa

Written by Alacoe MacTavish.

The 2016 Ontario Open Age Group Synchronized Swimming Championships (OOAGSSC) were held in Ottawa at the Nepean Sportsplex from May 18 - 22, 2016.  The Championships hosted over 800 athletes and coaches, with 24 participating clubs & is Canada’s largest synchronized swimming competition.

The Markham Synchronized Swimming Club sent 4 provincial teams, 2 Duets and 2 Solo’s, many of our athletes had their best performances of the entire season.  MKSC is very proud of each and every swimmer and would like to invite the community to come out and see our end of the year Watershow on Saturday, May 28th at 7:00 PM at the Cornell CC Pool, where all athletes will swim their routines one last time.

Figures Results:

5 swimmers in top 20 placing:

10&U age: Deirdra MacTavish (7th), Jaden Chiang (8th), Emma Diloreto (9th).
13-15 age: Jaeden Walz (20th)
16-20 age: Viviana Santa (15th)

Duet Results:Bronze medalists

10&U Duet: Jaden Chiang & Deirdra MacTavish (8th)
Coached by: Amanda Jackson

13-15 Duet: Maia Dekort & Jaeden Walz (8th)
Coached by: Heather Beveridge

Solo Results:

13-15 Solo: Regan Smith (12th)
Coached by: Heather Beveridge

16-20 Solo: Viviana Santa (8th)
Coached by: Heather Beveridge

Team Final Championships Results:

10&U Team: 3rd, Bronze Medalists:
Swimmers: Kennedy Chen, Jaden Chiang, Emma Diloreto, Sabine Keon, Deirdra MacTavish & Annika Jiang 
Coached by: Amanda Jackson

11-12 Team: 10th place
Swimmers: Analisa Nguyen, Dayna Seppanen, Trinity-Jade Tanuan, Sofia Castillo, Alexandria Teng, Emily Xu
Coached by: Kim Beveridge & Emily Post

13-15 Team: 17th place
Swimmers: Jamie MacLennan, Avery O'Neil, Sevoya Riddle, Kelsi Seppanen, Regan Smith, Molly Yu
Coached by: Candelaria Abascal Vedoya

13-15 Team: 9th place
Swimmers:  Amparo Abascal Vedoya, Maia Dekort, Madison Gusciglio, Jaeden Walz, Alystra Riddle, Viviana Santa
Coached by: Heather Beveridge

Hilton Worldwide Synchronized Swimming Invitational Meet

Written by Hilary Seppanen.

This past weekend, April 14-17, 2016, Markham Synchro was one of 21 Synchronized swimming clubs from across the province  to participate in the 5th annual Hilton Worldwide Synchronized Swimming Invitational meet, hosted by Synchro Swim Ontario at the Etobicoke Olympium pool.  This competition had over 900 athletes, coaches and officials participate this year.

Markham Synchro Club is very proud of our amazing athletes & coaches who continue to demonstrate their talent and passion for the sport of Synchronized swimming.  The following are the results of the weekend:


10&U Provincial Team:  4th
Swimmers:  Kennedy Chen, Jaden Chiang, Emma Diloreto, Sabine Keon, Deirdra MacTavish & Annika Jiang
Coach:  Amanda Jackson

12 year old Provincial Team:  3rd
Swimmers:  Analisa Nguyen, Dayna Seppanen, Trinity-Jade Tanuan, Sofia Castillo, Alexandria Teng, Emily Xu
Coach:  Kim Beveridge, Emily Post

14 year old Provincial Team:  7th
Swimmers:  Jamie Maclennan, Avery O’Neil, Sevoya Riddle, Kelsi Seppanen, Regan Smith, Molly Yu
Coach:  Candelaria Abascal Vedoya

15 year old Provincial Team:  4th
Swimmers:  Amparo Abascal Vedoya, Maia DeKort, Madison Gusciglio, Jaeden Walz, Alystra Riddle, Viviana Santa
Coach:  Heather Beveridge

10&U Provincial Duet Team:  4th 
Jaden Chiang, Deirdra MacTavish
Coach:  Amanda Jackson

13-15 Provincial Duet Team:  10th
Maia DeKort, Jaeden Walz
Coach:  Heather Beveridge

13-15 Provincial Solo: 10th
Regan Smith
Coach:  Heather Beveridge

16-20 Provincial Solo:  4th
Viviana Santa
Coach:  Heather Beveridge

MSC Minis and Novice @ Guelph

Written by Alystra Riddle.

On April 9th our Minis and two novice teams completed at the novice regionals meet in Guelph.

In the morning the girls competed in figures and saw top results from Jade Guo, from the mini’s team coming second.

In the afternoon the teams all swam in the Routine competition. The minis coached by Monique Payne swam first and had a great swim coming 6th in routine and 5th in championship score. The 9-10 novice team coached by Emily Post competed next. They thrived as they swam their routine to a rain theme. They placed 12th in championship and routine. Finishing off the day was the 11-12 team coached by Alystra Riddle. They swam to a sports theme and they knocked it out of the park, placing 6th in championship and 7th in routine.
Way to go girls!!!

MSC 2016 Guelph 1
MSC 2016 GuelphMinis
MSC 2016 Guelph 2

Central North Regional Competition

Written by Hilary Seppanen.

A huge congratulations to all of Markham Synchro Club’s provincial athletes for their accomplishments at the March 4-6, 2016 Central North Regionals, held at Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.

Team Results
10&U Team - Silver silver medal 20
11-12 Team - Bronzebronze medal 20
13-15 Team - Bronzebronze medal 20
13-15 Team -7th
10&U Duet Team - Swimmers: Jaden Chiang & Deirdra MacTavish - 6th
13-15 Duet Team – Swimmers: Maia DeKort & Jaeden Walz - Gold gold medal 20

Solo Results

13-15 Solo - Regan Smith Bronze bronze medal 20
16-20 Solo - Viviana Santa Bronze bronze medal 20

Top Figures Marks
10&U Team’s
Emma Diloreto placed 5th
Jaden Chiang placed 6th

16-20 Team 
Viviana Santa placed 5th

10Uteam 11 12team 10Ucali 
duet13 15 13 15candy 13 15team 10Uteamwork regan


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