(July 24, 2018) On behalf of the Markham Synchro Club, Synchro Swim Ontario and Synchro Canada, we are profoundly saddened by the untimely and tragic death of one of our very young artistic swimmers.Julianna Kozis, at 10, died tragically on Sunday evening, during the Danforth shooting. Julianna was a beautiful, aspiring athlete who was in her third year in our sport and swam this past season at the Markham Synchro Club as a 10U Provincial Competitive athlete.
We ask that you join us in extending our thoughts and prayers to Julianna’s family, friends and to the entire synchronized swimming community, as we offer them our full support during this tragic time. 
We request that all media inquiries be coordinated through this email: mediarequests@synchroontario.com
Please note that this is a traumatic event for many of us and we are committed to working through this in a thoughtful and responsive manner. More details as we prepare for the days ahead will be released as available.
Support for our athletes, coaches & families during this difficult time:
1. Resource on tips to speaking to kids after a tragic event: Tips for Speaking with your Child after a Tragic Event
2. Crisis support line: Markham Synchro is working closely with Synchro Swim Ontario & Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario: Crisis Support Line is now open While the EFAP help line is open for you, Morneau Shepell has also opened up a Crisis Support Line for anyone in the community in need of emotional support in relation to this event. The Crisis Support Line is open 24/7 and can be reached at: 1.844.751.2133. By calling, individuals will receive professional emotional support and/or referral to community resources. This resource is available through parent/guardian approval (to minors), please share with friends and family.
3. workhealthlife.com also features additional information and tips on coping with traumatic events.

Markham Synchro Club President 2017-18, Alacoe MacTavish

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The Markham Synchro Club, founded in the 1970's is recognized as one of the top synchronized swimming clubs in Ontario. Our quality Recreational and Competitive programs are delivered by a highly qualified and professional coaching staff.

  • The Recreation program is intended to give participants an introduction to the sport of synchronized swimming. We have combined some of the essential skills with Synchro Ontario's new Swim Synchro program.
    Swimmers in our recreational program will learn a variety of synchro basics and work on a short routine. On the last day of classes swimmers will be tested for their Swim Synchro badge and will perform their routine.

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  • "Mini Competitive Program" is a special introduction to competitive level and is for swimmers approximately 8 and under years of age who are interested in synchronized swimming. The program will run all year and will allow young swimmers the chance to learn new skills, improve their swimming ability, learn a routine, and may compete at regional competitions (with other younger swimmers) and will participate in the club watershow.

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  • The novice program is a beginner competitive program which is an introduction to synchronized swimming for swimmers who are approximately 8 to 15 years of age.
    This program will teach the athletes essential synchro skills and they will work together to build a team routine. These athletes may compete at regional competitions (with other younger swimmers) and will participate in the club watershow.

    Athletes will attend up to 3 competitions: Novice skills testing, Novice Regionals competition & Novice Championships competition.

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  • Our provincial competitive program runs from September to June. Practice schedules vary based level from 6-14hours a week (2-3 times per week).
    Athletes will complete a variety of training programs including land, water, flexibility, mental, aerobics and other areas deemed necessary by the coaches.
    Sessions will be run throughout the year on nutrition, strength training, mental training, etc., with professionals within their fields.
    Swimmers will participate in a number of competitive events, demonstrations and water shows throughout the season.

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