New for 2015!

Written by Amanda Jackson.

For those that have taken a recreational synchro stars session, and are interested in continuing we are offering an advanced recreational class. 
The class will take place on Thursday evenings from 5-6pm at Markham Centennial Pool.  Those who choose to join this class will stay together as one group through Winter (January to March Break) and Spring (after March Break to May) sessions.  They will stay together as a team working on their Swim Synchro levels and on their routine to prepare it to swim in the annual Watershow in May.
Please check "Our Programs" section for more details.

Novice Figures Meet in Elmira, ON

Written by Amanda Jackson.

On April 6th our novice and mini teams attended the Novice Figures Meet in Elmira, ON.  The girls participated in the figures and LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) events.  Each of the swimmers did 3 figures, splits, and a 25m flutter kick sprint.

This was the novice swimmers first ever synchro competition. They had a very strong figures swim. They focused on extension and figure design, and it was very evident in their figures! 

Markham Synchro

Written by Amanda Jackson.

Synchronized swimming is a unique sport that involves strength, endurance, flexibility and teamwork.

The Markham Synchro Club, founded in the 1970's is recognized as one of the top synchronized swimming clubs in Ontario. Our quality Recreational and Competitive programs are delivered by a highly qualified and professional coaching staff.

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